Create a feature to tab throughout board without scrolling

Would like to create a feature where you can “tab” throughout a board without having to scroll up or down or sideways. We have several large boards and spend a lot of time scrolling to the end. We do use the filter option but it would be nice to have something quicker.

I’m not sure how familiar you are with, but have you utilized different views? You can save different views where certain columns are hidden by unchecking them in the Hide dropdown. For example, you can have a view that only displays timeline or date columns to only see item dates or you can have a department-specific view that only shows the columns relevant to their work. You can also save filters and sorts in new views.


Other options:

  1. You can also collapse or resize columns to fit more on the screen:

  2. The Group By feature may also help you supplement the filters. It’s available in Monday Labs.

  3. You can navigate through a table with your keyboard. It’s not as smooth as Excel, but the strokes are similar. The article from is here:

  4. *Missed the part where you said scrolling down too. If you have multiple groups, you can also collapse groups (CTRL+ G) to get to the relevant one

Hope I understood your question correctly and that this helps!

*edit to add #4 and info