Create a integration that sync item from external system to monday

How does an external app sync the integration with Like an integration is available on monday in which we create an item and can be synched for future updates also.

So, this is basically done by zendesk but how does this work for both sides?
Means if we want that on update or creation of item on Monday can update or create the item in the external system.

Such, a solution is possible using zapier and integromat but they can not synchronize the item.

Is there any solution for this?


Integromat and zapier are really good tools for updating information from one app to another, take a look

Hey @shalinibose :wave:

Sorry for our delay in getting back to you here!

I do think you’d be able to achieve a two-way sync from to your platform of choice using tools like Integromat or Zapier - you’d just have to create the logic for the data to follow based on what you are looking to do. For example, you could make a Google Sheet table create items in, and then pass the item ID from the item created in this way directly to the Google Sheet in a specific column to then keep updated on that specific item.

I’d recommend taking a further look at Integromat for this - in my opinion, it can be a bit more flexible when looking for solutions like this one.