Create a new board with different account_product


I noticed that when I create a new board using API it goes to “core” account_product by default.

I would be great if API allows us to create a new board and set another account_product (“software” for example).

Hello @marcelo1,

Just to make sure I understand what you mean, you have different products such as “Work management”, “Dev” or “CRM”. And what you want to is to be able to create a board via API in a product that is not “Work management” but rather “Dev” or “CRM”. Correct?

If that is correct, you can pass the workspace ID of your “Dev” or “CRM” products as an argument in your mutation and create the board in any monday product:

mutation {
  create_board(workspace_id: 1234567, board_name: "My board", board_kind: public) {

Let me know if I am misunderstanding something!