Create a new item with some columns values


I’m trying to use the API to create new item to an existing board.
I used the create_item function found in the documentation, but unfortunately, my item was created but without the columns I provided.

Here’s my query

   mutation ($board: Int!, $col:JSON, $group: String) {
   create_item (board_id: $board, group_id: $group, item_name: "incieeedent test", column_values: $col) {

And here how I passed my columns:

  "col": "{\"Action\": \"foo\"}",

If I try to remove the " then I have a 500 error status.

Any tips on how to send columns values?


My bad, I did not understand well enough the documentation: I thought I need to pass the column title, but you need to pass the column ID, which is obviously not the same.


Thanks so much for letting us know you’ve tackled this one already! Great catch and I do agree that could be the root cause here :slight_smile:

Thank you for pointing out the solution here. Just let us know if you need anything else.


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