Create a single mirror column to read information from a specific board, per row/pulse

Hi everyone - my apologies if this particular use case was discussed in a different thread.

Is there a way to use a single mirror column to connect each item (row/pulses) to a different board instead of creating a different column for each connected board?

I am currently managing multiple regional projects, and each requires its own board structure due to its complexity. For this reason, I cannot have all projects on the same low-level board and use groups to organize them (which would make my use case a lot simpler).

I wish to use my Regional High-Level board to view all regional projects in one place (like a Summary Overview). Each item in this board will represent a different project. Therefore, I want to connect each item to its Project High-Level board to get information automatically, like timeline, status, etc.

The reason why I’m not looking into dashboards for this, it’s because I need the Regional Board to be dynamic for data updates like budget, prioritization, etc.

Here’s an example of my structure:

→ Regional High Level board (regional summary)
→ Project High Level board (project summary)
–>Project Low Level board (project tasks)

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Hi @nguz

It looks like the app “Rollup Multiple Boards” is a possible solution for this. You can read more about this app (currently in review for the marketplace) at Rollup Multiple Boards | Excellent Team