Create A Way To Pull The Totals From Numbers and Formulas into a board

Imagine if you could pull the different totals from different boards into one board.

Instead of pulling one item you pull the entire total of the column.

With this feature individuals will be able to create amazing formulas about their date which they can then visualize on the dashboards.

For instance you can have an income board where you get your income, a board where are all your expenses are. You can then pull the totals from the board and be able to filter the data that you pull into the column. ie date and etc. Once you have filtered the data the total will pull into the column.

Once you have the total income in column A and the total expenses in Column B you can then create a formula to work out the net profit and with that you can then divide your net profit by the total revenue column and you can go on from there.

If we can do that, that would be incredible.

hi @DarrenDNA

Welcome back to the community. This app Apps Marketplace can create “down-level” boards from a “master boards” and aggregate columns from the connected detail boards. Therefore you can have the sum of a number column from different boards into different items in the master board or even in one item and sperate columns. It won’t do formulas, so you have to move your formulas into the masterboard.

It would be great to be able to do what you suggest. I need the same. Or being able to subtract totals on the panels. I need to subtract totals and apparently there is nothing to do it

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