Create an app that uses API for clients


I want to develop an app, which accesses API. But I want this app to be used no by my organization but by my clients (external organizations) that use

Is it possible to do it now?
I noticed that retrieving the token can only be done manually, by each admin user, so I was not sure how I can develop the app when I cannot have the user just sign in and give me the permissions (like in Slack or Zoom).
If it’s not possible what’s the closest way of doing it? having the admin passing their tokens to me, then I will use them to call the API for the relevant data?

I also noticed the beta program for your app marketplace and I subscribed to it, is it gonna be open soon?


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Hey @lmaayanl, great question.

Our apps framework has already been released to beta! Check it out here. The marketplace is currently in development and we’re looking to release it in Q3. For more information, check out our Developer FAQs page.

The apps framework will let you build an app on top of and display it to a user as a view or widget. It also supports the OAuth protocol, so your app can get authorization from each user separately (which is what it sounds like you’re looking for).

Sharing apps with other accounts (like clients) is currently not possible but we are actively working on it. It is on our roadmap and will be added in an upcoming iteration. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

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