Create an item in automations

Hi, I’m trying to build an automation that will create a new item when it is triggered. The GitHub integration has a great input field:

You can click on the blue + button and then you can use supported fields from GitHub:
When I click on the input field from my own automation it shows this:
How can I create an input field like the one the GitHub integration uses?

Thanks in advance for your help!


This feature is actually in development as we speak.

It has been a highly requested feature and while I don’t have a timeframe, from what I have been told it shouldn’t be too far away.

Hi @mitchell.hudson,

Thanks for your reply. I hope it will be implemented before the apps challenge deadline, so I can use this in my app


Hey @beestree :wave:

That’s a great question and I appreciate your patience and understanding regarding the release time frame here!

@mitchell.hudson thanks for shedding some light on this for us, you’re literally the best!