Create app using Jquery - is it possible?

Hi there, I would like to know if its possible to create a monday app but only using jQuery/plain JS? I’ve read about the JS SDK available in monday and is keen to learn it though my worry is will it be worth exploring if I only know jQuery/JS instead of knowing react or any framework? Many thanks for your answers!

Hello @birizei,

You can build an app in any programming language you are comfortable with using the API. Also yes, you can use the SDK to create apps using jQuery since jQuery is just JavaScript


Thank you @kolaai for the reply and welcome @birizei to the community!

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I’m having troubles updating columns for email and phone. I’ve use type ‘email’ and ‘phone’, and I’ve used the same for the ID, and get an error using 2023-10 API.

The error says column types are EmailColumn and PhoneColumn . I use these and the insertion is correct, except now, no email or phone numbers are inserted.

WHat is the correct syntax?

Hello there @mark.stout,

Please send us an email to with the exact query or mutation you are using and the full error message you get back and we will take a look into it :grin:


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