Create Board API returns wrong items and item count

Create a new board from a template by this API , will return 1 or 0 item and wrong item_count. Then read the board immediately by this API, will get all items and correct item_count. Create board API endpoint is supposed to return all items as Read Board API. This is example:

Then I query the board immediately:

Expect result:
Create Board should return same Items and Item_count as Read Board. I think this is a bug of Create Board API.

Hello there @OktaDev

I believe this might be a bug indeed.

For me to open a report I will need you to please send an email to

In that way, I will be able to open a report in our system and give this some following from there :slightly_smiling_face:

Looking forward to hearing from you via email!

Hi Matias,

I have sent this bug link to your support team, looking forward to your reply~

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