Create board based on template programatically

We use monday as Leads funnel and when we win I would like to create a board for the project based on one of several corresponding project templates that I select in a column in the leads board. We have five basic project templates and only one Leads board. I have not found an automation that accepts a variable to create a board of the right type. The dropdown of various board templates isn’t good enough because it is static for that specific automation

hi @geirlangbakken, Geir

Welcome to the community. I read your post with great interest because this request is very much like other request I have seen in the past. For that reason I created an app called Rollup Multiple Boards and part of that app is the ability to create boards out of a template on status change. However the app is much more than that. It does not only create the “project boards”, but also provides the possibility to report from those created project boards. More information can be found here: