Create Board returns 500 Intenel Server Error

Create board if folder_id doesn’t exist or workspace_id doesn’t match folder_id, will return 500 Internal Server Error as below:

Q1: Why doesn’t it return 400 Bad Request or 404 Not Found error? When return 500, it’s impossible to know it’s user error or server error.

Q2: do you have any API endpoint to get all folder_ids of a workspace?

Thank you!

Hello @OktaDev,

As for the first point, I will share your thoughts about the error code with the team :slightly_smiling_face:

About the second point, we only have 2 endpoints, the regular one you are calling and the one for files. As of today there is no way of getting all the folder IDs of the folders in a specific workspace. You would need to query for boards, with their specific folder ID and check their workspace ID.

Let me know if you have any other questions!