Create Google Drive folder when pulse is created?

Hey everyone!

Just wondering if currently has the integration with Google Drive that would allow to create a new folder in Google Drive upon pulse creation?

Hi Kody!

At the moment, we have an integration with Google drive to upload documents onto your boards. Would you mind expanding on the use case for this? Have you seen this elsewhere? Curious to know what this would look like so we can pass it along to our product team.


When we create a new project, often times a Pulse, we usually will have an associated creative brief that will be stored in a Google Drive folder that we manually have to create each time. In light of trying to be more efficient it would be neat if we could allow new pulses in a board to create a Google Drive folder with the pulse name. That way when we get working on that project we just jump into the Drive folder and know we are in the right place because the folder directly corresponds with the pulse.

Hope that makes sense. Thanks so much!