Create group using an Item name

I have an automation that creates a new group on “board 2” when an item is created in “board 1.” I’d like to name the group in board 2 based on the item name from board 1, currently the group defautlts to “Group Title”.

I saw a previous question similar to mine from about a year ago and the response was " The only possible way I see is to create an integration app that triggers on add_item and uses the API to create the Group." Is this still the only solution? Has anyone created an API that can accomplish this?


Yes, this is still the only way. However, this is not at all difficult to do using Integromat. Depending on the details of your use case, this would take 2 modules (Integromat operations) to do. So, unless you will be executing this more than 500 times per month, this could be done using their free account.

I’d be more than happy to help you set it up, if you are interested in doing so.


Hi Jim!
It’s me again! I have a few questions!

It appears only admins can set up the connection to Integromat. If I am not an admin, will I be able to use the Integromat functionality once it is connected?

Does the admin who will make the initial connection need to be the one who creates / owns the integromat account?

I definitely see the benefit in using Integromat, I just want to be sure I will actually be able to use it once it is connected.



Yes. The access token is the key component. Actions performed from Integromat will appear as though they were performed by the user associated with the access token. In fact, many companies will create a specific user that is used only for Integormat. You can use the access token then to create the connection.

Once the monday connection has been created in Integromat you will be able to use it. The “owner” of the Integromat account does not matter.