Create item from Board A, group 1 to new board and mirror all content

Here is a use case.

I have my personal board: Board A, with groups: Group 1 and Group 2.

There are certain tasks that my manager needs to view/track/update ect from Board A > Group 2 on a separate board, Board B > Group 1.

What is needed is the following:

  1. I create a task (Fishing is fun) on Board A > Group 1
    a: No automation happens here
  2. I move ‘Fishing is fun’ from Board A > Group 1 to Board A > Group 2
    a: Automation: ‘Fishing is fun’ is created/mirrored/with all content two way synced, on Board B > Group 1

Now either myself or my manager can view, update, change any field on ‘Fishing is fun’ and it will be synced between Board A and Board B.