Create_item mutation without group_id returns 500 error

After some experimenting and troubleshooting, I’ve determined that group_id must be a required argument in the create_item mutation.

The example code here shows the mutation without that argument: Overview of GraphQL

However, it was only after putting in a group_id like in the example from the documentation here that the 500 error went away: Items

Can you please test and confirm if this is an issue, and if so, update the documentation?

Hi @Tim.Hunt!

I was unable to replicate the 500 error when I ran the mutation without the group_id argument. The item created appeared in the first group on the board when I omitted it. Can you please send me the exact query you used that returned the 500 error?


Thanks for looking into it @rachelatmonday – perhaps it is an issue with my setup. I will try to reliably recreate later today and send you further details.

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