Create Item Name from other fields


Hope this is possible or if someone can show me the correct way of going about this.

The short story, we have a client that have multiple end clients.
The main problem is to create a proper Item Name from each of the forms they fill out.

My idea was to combine multiple fields into the Item Name, e.g. “Company name” + “City Name” + etc.
This way we can still filter on the various column, and have a descent overview of all projects.

But I’m unable to find anything that can copy data from one field to another - let alone put multiple fields together.
Is this possible or not?

Thanks in advance

hi @Kega

Welcome to the community! There is no easy answer here. Let me try to explain.

  • When you create an item thought the UI the other columns of the item are empty, Only when you create an item trough a form the columns are populated at the time of item creation. So, if you are creating items through the UI you can’t used information from other columns (as they are empty)
  • The app AutoId can create an ID in the item name column (see Apps Marketplace), the ID can hold information from other columns (see previous point) if there is information. The ID generated will always contains a unique and sequential number.