Create Item View

Trying to create a new Item View app and the Boards Data widget is not showing any Items to pick from so I can preview. I see the RPC call being made when the widget is open and after I click the correct Board - and it shows 7 items, but the widget itself says No Results. Is the list of Items being filtered some how?

Hi @GreenJT!

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Is your app filtering data based on the board’s filter?

For example, like this:

monday.listen("itemIds", (res) => {
  console.log( );
  // [12345, 12346, 12347]

Check out this article on listening for filters on your board:

No, there is no filtering happening inside of my app - the problem is when I click the Boards Data button on the Widgets Setup page. I want to mimic the information my app will receive while listening for monday.listen(‘context’). It says ‘No Results’ after picking one of my Boards, even though I see the list of items called by (not my app).

Hi @GreenJT,

Thanks for providing this additional context and joining our office hours. I have reported this bug to our development team and will be following up with you as soon as we have a fix in place!