Create_item webhook returns empty columnValues

I am trying to use the create_item webhook in my code. I have set up webhook validation and am successfully receiving the webhook payload. However, the problem arises as soon as I click on New Item to create an item on the board; the webhook gets triggered, but it provides empty columnValues .

This is webhook payload I’m recieving.

  "event": {
    "app": "monday",
    "type": "create_pulse",
    "triggerTime": "2024-01-07T05:37:32.618Z",
    "subscriptionId": 3189290,
    "userId": 53812717,
    "originalTriggerUuid": null,
    "boardId": 18356535,
    "pulseId": 1836594,
    "pulseName": "hello",
    "groupId": "topics",
    "groupName": "Group Title",
    "groupColor": "#579bfc",
    "isTopGroup": true,
    "columnValues": {},
    "triggerUuid": "ksjjshosajsosasnas" // 

Is there any way after I fill every column value then only create_item event will trigger?
I want column values of newly created item.


When an item IS created, the create_item webhook will send you the item ID and item name. You will then use the API to query the item for its column values (despite showing the columnValues key in the event, I’m pretty sure it is not populated in create_item)

Another thing to consider is by default the item is created empty, or with default item values, but you cannot from the standard UI create an item with specific column values.

But there is a workaround you need to create a workform on the board, edit the form, then go to customization and then within that the “ settings” and select the “allow creating items via form”

Now you can create items with the new item via form option:

This is the only way you can fill in column values before the item gets created, except the item name. (or if the item is created by API with column values)

When you create an item using the new item button, it immediately creates a new item called “new item”. If you instead go to the bottom of a group and type in an item name and click enter to create a new item, it creates a new item with that name. New items created in either way will have the default column values configured in default item values