Create Item When I'm Mentioned

Is there any way to create an item on a specific board for any time my name is mentioned across all of our Workspaces and Boards? I would like to convert a “mention” to a “task” on my global task board. Thank you!

Hey @ShellyD1979,

At this time, this particular feature/function is not supported natively in the platform - apologies for the setback :pray: You might be able to achieve this using the API or a 3rd party integration, such as Integromat or Zapier and we encourage you to investigate these options.

You’re also welcome to post this question in our developers integrations section here - monday apps & integrations - monday Community Forum

That said, this is a great suggestion, and I’d be interested if you’d be happy for us to convert this into a feature request for other community members to vote on. The more votes, the better to help emphasis this need.

Hi @ShellyD1979 ,
Yes, you can use Make to create an item on a specific board whenever your name is mentioned across all of your Workspaces and Boards.

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