Create_Item with column values issue

I’m going nuts and it doesn’t seem like I am the only one here having issues figuring out why I can’t create items with multiple items and how to format the mutation.

I was able to get this to work for 2 items through a ton of attempts but have no idea why

mutation {create_item (board_id:3639551233, item_name:“test02”,
column_values: “{\“date\”: \“2019-02-06\”,\“long_text\”: \“Hello world this is a really long note\”}”

I have no idea why this doesn’t work if the above code works:

mutation {create_item (board_id:3639551233, item_name:“test666”,
column_values: “{\“date\”: \“2019-02-06\”,\“long_text\”: \“Hello world this is a really long note\”,\“text4\” :\“Saint Nick\”}”

I would really appreciate help understanding this. Also is subitem and columns the same format? if not can I see example of this as well?

Thank you.

Well…seems like it was a unicode problem which is annoying with this community board. Copying code from it converted some characters. I retyped the code from scratch in the following and it worked. I hope this helps someone in the future. If someone wants to suggest how I can create a subitem as part of the code with additional column updates, it would be great.

mutation {
create_item (
group_id: "ready_for_assignment", 
column_values: "{
    \"date\": \"2019-02-06\", 
    \"long_text\": \"Hello world this is a really long note\",
    \"text\" :\"Some Text\",
    \"text4\": \"Saint Nick\",
    \"text5\": \"\"
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Hello @dean_m!

I am glad you found the solution to this.

Regarding your question, you can not create a subitem inside an item in the same mutation in which you are creating said item.

You will need to send one request to create the item, and then another one creating the subitem in it as explained here.

Hope that helps!