Create new board field options - Zapier and Integromat

I am trying to setup a Zapier zap that creates a new board based on a template when a new object is created in Salesforce. It looks like it worked, however there is no option to specify the workspace ID in the Zapier fields. Why is that?

I then tried to use Integromat, but found that it didn’t even have the template ID field, so that wasn’t helpful either.

Hi @rosovconsulting

It looks like this has to do with timing. At the time Zapier end Integromat “zaps” were build there was no option to specify a Workspace ID in the API. That was made available an a later date. The disadvantage of Zapier and Integromat is that they are always lagging behind with regards to new possibilities in the API.

Ah makes sense! Hope they can get updated soon.

Hey @rosovconsulting

As confirmed by the awesome @basdebruin , this is just not part of Zapier or Integromat just yet, although zI definitely understand how this would be helpful to implement. I’ve taken this as feedback to our apps team :slight_smile:

That said, perhaps it might make sense to run an HTTP module on Integromat, for example, using a simple APi call to create the board for you? :thinking: You could then specify the Workspace ID as part of the query, although I realise this is a bit more convoluted than using the no-code solution.

Transparently, I am not able to confirm an ETA or even a rough timeline at this point, but I do hope this will be added in the future.


Thanks - good idea. I think it’s okay for now, but will consider using an HTTP module if I need in the meantime.

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