"Create New Item in Board" contingency automation - Mirrored Columns

Hi There! I manage a real estate team and I use Monday.com to over manage all aspects of our business. I currently have transaction tracking boards set up with a mirrored column to link an item (transaction) to its client from my “Client Database” board - The transaction boards are set up with an automation that creates a new item in our Sales Log board, however this automation doesn’t support the transfer of the mirrored column (client info) - Is there a workaround for this, or could a feature be built out to support this?

hi @GiaSilva

That is indeed not supported but there are a few alternatives. One alternative is to change the mirror between the transaction log and the client database into a lookup. The app Match-Index-Column (see monday.com: Apps Marketplace) can do that for you. When there is a match between a column value in the transaction log and a key value in your customer database the app will create a copy of any customer data you want into real monday columns (no mirrors). From there you can use the automation to transfer data to the sales log board.

To generate easy to remember customer ID you can use another app form the marketplace: monday.com: Apps Marketplace