Create new item popup card

Is there a feature in the sdk to trigger this popup card?

I can only find the edit item popup card but not the create new item popup:

monday.execute('openItemCard', { itemId: });

Hey @yarhuoy - welcome!

Could you expand a bit more on what your use case for this would be?

As you mentioned above, something like this would be able to bring up an item popup:

monday.execute('openItemCard', { itemId: });

Are you looking to create a popup for something other than an item?


Thanks for your prompt reply.

My app needs to allow user to create item, I wish to have the same popup like the one in my screenshot (taken from the default calendar view in when clicking on empty day) when a button is clicked.
monday.execute('openItemCard', { itemId: }); only opens an existing item, I need a create new item popup. I was hoping that I don’t have to create the popup myself but I couldn’t find a way to call it in the SDK.

Hi Daniel,

Is there any update for this? :blush:

Hey @yarhuoy - apologies for the delay on this!

I checked in with the team and at this time it wouldn’t be possible to do something like this :pensive:

This being said - it’s something we’re looking into implementing in the near future - we’ll be sure to share more info once we know more.


Hi Daniel,

Looking forward to seeing this feature! Thanks.

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