Create new item when row is added to google sheet

Hello Community,

I am thrilled to announce that I’ve recently developed a new Google Workspace add-on, one that’s intended to enhance your productivity and simplify your data management.

Do you often find yourself manually adding items elsewhere whenever a new row of data is added to your Google Sheet? What if that process could be automated?

Say hello to my new add-on, automatically generate a new item whenever a new row is added to your Google Sheet. This add-on is perfect for users who regularly update their sheets and need those changes to reflect elsewhere without the hassle of manual data entry.

It’s designed to be user-friendly, seamlessly integrating with your existing Google Workspace and requiring minimal setup. Once the add-on is installed, it will monitor your specified Google Sheet for new entries, and as soon as a new row is detected, it will immediately create a new item.

I would love for you to try it out and share your experiences. I’ll be actively seeking your feedback and suggestions for improvements. Feel free to drop any queries or comments on this post or send me a private message.

I look forward to your feedback and can’t wait to see how this tool will simplify and automate your workflow!


Is this add on available? What is it?

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This is the Google Workspace private addon.