Create new item with column value(pyhton, api)

hi all
i’m trying to create an new item with column value


    vars = '''{
                boardId: 00000000000,
                itemName: "new item from python",
                columnValues: {"numbers": {"value": "22222"}}

    query = f'''mutation ($boardId: Int!, $itemName: String!, $columnValues: JSON!)  
                       {{create_item(board_id: $boardId, item_name: $itemName, column_values: $columnValues) {{id}}}}'''

    query_to_run = {'query': query, 'variables': vars}

    r =, json=query_to_run, headers=MONDAY_HEADERS)
    response = r.json()

“numbers” - it’s a column ID

getting: <Response [500]>
no any other error description

advice please

Hi @AntonL

Welcome to the community! I am not a Python expert, but I think the issue is the value in columnValues. That need to be a stingified JSON, and now it is an object. Try this one where the quotes are escaped:

columnValues: "{\"numbers\": {\"value\": \"22222\"}}"

Hello @AntonL and welcome to the community!

I hope you like it here :muscle:

You can use a mutation like this one here:

mutation {
  create_item(board_id: 12345678, item_name: "new item", column_values: "{\"numbers\": 200}") {

and just pass the number as a number.


thank you for reply
no didnt help

{‘query’: ‘mutation {create_item(board_id: 12345678, item_name: “new item”, column_values: “{“numbers”: 200}”) {id}}’}

{‘errors’: [{‘message’: ‘Parse error on “: 200}” (STRING) at [1, 91]’, ‘locations’: [{‘line’: 1, ‘column’: 91}]}]

You still need to escape the double quotes inside the string. You are now trying to send a single { as the value as the second quote closes the string openend by the first quote.

i’ve received success with next code
python code:

query = '''mutation {
                      create_item(board_id: 123456789, item_name: "new item", column_values: "{\\\"numbers\\\": -123}") {

in console(print) this text looks
{‘query’: ‘mutation {\n create_item(board_id: 1456732577, item_name: “new item”, column_values: “{\“numbers\”: -123}”) {\n id\n }\n }’}

thanks for advice!

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