Create_Notification API Call from Integromat is Now Failing

I’ve been successfully using an http request to call the create_notification API from Integromat.

As of today this is not working. It’s returning a status code of 400 with no data.

My initial thought was that something changed with the authorization access token. But the scenario I’m looking at has another http API call to delete_update that is working.

Second thought was to try it in the monday playground. Copying the content string from the failed attempt, it worked.

At this point I’m guessing that something changed in how the monday server processing the request for that API is working.

Anyone have any ideas?

Interesting… Can you share how you’ve configured your integromat module so we can try to reproduce the issue and understand if there was a breaking change here?

A set of screenshots or a video recording would be amazing! Just be sure to not include any API keys or other private information…

Did a video, I’ll dm you with it.

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Just circling back on this one to show the solution: turns out there were some special characters/newlines in the data that was being added to the notification text, which was causing the API call to fail.

The solution was to use Integromat’s replace function to remove these characters.

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