Create_update mutation documentation

Hello, I’m facing what I think it’s either a bug in the API or wrong documentation.

The mutation create_update accepts a mandatory parameter body, and an optional item_id. This suggests that I could post public updates to the platform.

The problem is that if the mutation is called without an item_id I get a 500 HTTP error. Using an item_id is fine, though.

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Hi @gianluigi,

When using the create_update mutation, the item_id is, indeed, mandatory. This is why you’re receiving the error when attempting to create an update without the item_id.

You’re 100% correct that this needs to be updated within our API as well as our documentation. Thank you so much for not only picking up on this, but also taking the time to reach out to us to make us aware of this issue! :raised_hands:

I’ve since reported this to our developers so we can get this resolved soon.

We wouldn’t be where we are today, or get where we’re going tomorrow, without amazing people such as yours :slight_smile: Thank you for helping to make better!