Create_update mutation fails with status 500 since yesterday

I have an automation in production which creates items and updates them.
As of yesterday 2021-11-21 around 21:53, every create_update request is denied with status code 500.
There were no changes to the code, which leads me to wonder if this issue is on our end or Monday’s API.

code (python 3.9):

def update_monday_task(task_id, content) -> None:"Creating update for monday task %s", task_id)
    query_update = 'mutation { create_update (item_id: %s, body: "%s") {id}}' % (
        json={"query": query_update},
        headers={"Authorization": config.MONDAY_API_TOKEN},

The response’s json payload is {'error_message': 'Internal server error', 'status_code': 500}.
Item creation still works with no issues.
Can you please advise?

Thank you.

Hello @yuv-c ,

Welcome to the Community! I hope you like it here. :muscle:

Regarding your issue, our team has found the problem and deployed a fix yesterday so this should be working now for you.

Please do let us know if you encounter any more issues. We are here for you!


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Thanks, I confirm that it’s fixed.

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