Create_update : Support 'creator' and 'creator_id' at least

Hello, I’d like to record my frustration at not being able to specify the original ‘creator’ of an update using the ‘create_update’ API muttation.

For various reasons I have made an application design choice not to use automations in favour of using the GraphQL API.

When moving an item from one board to another, I get all the ‘update’ attributes I need to potentially call the ‘create_update’ API mutation with the original creator id (and other attributes).

I note that requests to add this feature is outstanding for a few years now. I appreciate you get deluged with such requests, but this trivial change to the API would be extremely powerful. I note also that there is an add on for Updates residing the the ‘Apps Marketplace’ that probably supports this, so this change must be viable. Please consider.

Hello @Steve_Merchant,

Thank you for your feedback!

I will add it with your vote for this request :slightly_smiling_face: