Creating a broadcast view of a Timeline (or other views)

Has anyone found a way to capture the timeline view by using a screenshot?
I have a lot of data in it and exporting to excel just makes the whole thing look really wonky.
I’ve been trying all the extensions I can think of but even the ones that say they can capture scrolling pages don’t work.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I really wish Monday made this easier…

hi @danielle0127 do you try the Fireshot extension for chrome?
the pro version is very powerful

Hi @danielle0127
Have you tried creating a broadcast view of the Timeline view? This will create a shareable link that points to a read-only view of your Timeline. Please see the below steps:

On your Views dropdown, hover over your Timeline view and click the ellipsis (…) at on the right side of the view title, and click ‘Share’:

Then, you’ll be able to copy to the clipboard either a shareable link, or a line of html code that you can use to embed the view into any webpage:

The view will always be a real-time view of the data on your board/timeline. I hope this is helpful!

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