Creating a custom field type is crashing UI

I noticed that starting on Dec 11th, in the developer portal, trying to create or edit a field type that is backed by a dynamic list is causing the development UI to crash (rendering the “Oops something broke” gif).

It isn;t just an existing app thats doing it for me, I can create a brand new app, create a feature and add a field type and it crashes immediately.

Anyone else experiencing this?

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I am experiencing this too. I have a case open with If you send something in, reference ticket 3107151 as thats mine, so they can link them as the same issue.

I can reproduce it in multiple accounts. I know one other user that is experiencing the same in one of those accounts.

For reference I am using Brave browser, with the shields turned off on pages. Only one other extension (password manager) installed.


Hello there @mdgale,

Please send us an email to and mention @codyfrisch 's ticket 3107151 so that our team knows it could be connected to that issue :grin:


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On a total tangent, I think this is at least the 2nd thread where I ask a question, @codyfrisch comes in with a recommendation and Matias finishes off with a “please email support”.
I appreciate you both! <3

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And I don’t even work for monday!


A fix has been deployed and this is working now!

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@mdgale Totally get what you’re saying! Internally, we use tickets for any requests that might be account-specific or are bugs, and sending an email to automatically creates that ticket in our system.

Apologies for the extra step, but I agree - we appreciate @codyfrisch and @Matias.Monday’s help! :wink:

Thanks for the update - glad the fix is working for you! :raised_hands:


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All good!
And BTW that was not at all meant to be an irritation or nit-pick, just a funny observation.