Creating a folder through Monday API

We want to create a folder in Monday so we can organise Monday boards. Does the API provide this capability to create folders?

Unfortunately the API does not have any support for folders.

Thanks. We also requested Monday R&D team via support on this limitation. Hope Monday will improve this.

There’s a workaround you could do here

You can use the API to create a board using a template ID (I think there are templates that will create multiple boards, and because they do they put them into a folder)

Then lets say if the template creates 3 boards you could scan for the 3 recently created boards (or fetch before board creation and delete the added boards by ID) and then you would have a folder.

Of course you couldnt name the folder or move boards into it so I don’t know if this is of any use actually

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@RonTuretzky Wow, that’s actually a great workaround! Thank you!

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