Creating a Web Support Time Tracking System

Has anyone used to track “support block” time? We build and maintain websites. Some of our clients buy “support blocks” so they get a chunk of hours at a discounted rate, versus paying for one hour at a time.
We are already using the time tracking column to know how long our team is spending on each ticket. But is there a way we can be actively “deducting” from a clients support block time and show how much time still available–say on a dashboard or something?
Thanks !

Hi Marge,

It can be done in a number of ways.

One is that you organize the support blocks as items and tickets as subitems. Your tickets have a time tracking column that you sum up in the item, then you use a formula column to deduct the used time from the support block duration. Here a screenshot of what it would look like:

In the screenshot, the column called Used is the sum of the subitems TimeTracking columns. Min Bought is a number column were you would enter, as an example, the number of minutes of the block the client bought. Then Unused is a formula column with the syntax shown.

What if we could break free of the Formula column and write formulas that update any type of columns? What if a formula could update multiple columns at once? This is possible with the Advanced Formula Booster app.

Hi Gilles, thank you for sharing. This is indeed an option. I am surprised, I guess, that there isn’t a more direct way to do this within Monday.
Thanks, again for your insight.

What did you have in mind? What would you consider to be a more direct way of doing it?
I showed the most obvious way I found, but there might be others.