Creating an integration app. Stuck on "Run this command to scaffold your new feature, when it is done a URL will be printed"

Hello everyone. I’m trying to create my first integration app on Monday. I’m following the guide but I got stuck at this point. Any thoughts ?
Nodejs is installed correctly.

npx @mondaydotcomorg/monday-cli scaffold run ./ quickstart-integrations -s aed4c0c12962c9a99ff8e640a86aefb3 -t integration-10041982

Hi @paulosoares!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We’re aware of this issue and working toward a fix. In the meantime, please pull the Integration app code from our codebase on Github

Hi @alessandra, thanks for helping. I’ve tried to clone and run this project, but it’s also not working.

Hi @paulosoares,

We’ve introduced a fix for this bug. The command to scaffold the project should be working now! Please let me know if you’re unable to access this project.

Hi @alessandra Thanks again. Running the github project through npm run start I got the error that posted before.

Hi @paulosoares,

We’re working on a fix for our Integrations project! I’ll follow up with you as soon as we have a fix.

Thank you for your patience.

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Hi @paulosoares!

We’ve introduced a fix for this bug. Would you please let me know if this issue still persists for you?

Thank you!