Creating and editing subitem suggestions

Suggestion for the automations/subitems feature- I’ve been making a lot of ‘status changes to this, create this list of subitems’ automations for our workflows and have noticed a few simple things that would make the process MUCH easier

when editing, it would be nice to be able to add or delete subitems without having to recreate the entire automation (when you’re adding 10-25 subitems, having to recreate the whole thing for a simple add or delete is really frustrating)

When creating, beside the add button to add an automation, it would be nice if there was a duplicate button so you don’t need to go through the added process of having to add each subitem separately. It seems simple, but when creating a long list it really adds to the time of creating the automation. I keep saving templates of 5 subitems, 12 subitems, 15 subitems, 22 subitems, but it s a different template for each list if there is a different number of subitems. It seems like it could be more user friendly that way.


Hi, totally agree… we now create item “templates” which we setup and may have 20-90 subitems in. We have started asking people to dupliacte these rather than using automations to create subitems as so much easier, and it means we can have dependencies and updates on subitems (checklists) which are really helpful.

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You both might find my latest video interesting: POWERFUL Item/Subitem Templates with Integromat - YouTube

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