Creating columns in a specified position


I’m trying to create columns in specified positions, but I noticed that the “pos” attribute on both the query and the mutation was deprecated.

I wasn’t able to find an alternative to create columns in a specified position (or create new ones last and then be able to set their position, etc).

It is however possible in the Monday UI, and I see it fires a RESTful POST request to a designated resource that sets the board’s columns order, so I find it weird: 1- that it was supported but no longer is, 2- that it can’t be done in the UI but not via API.

I was even thinking about Chromium to automate the behavior on the UI - has anyone experimented with it?

Thank you!


Hello @yuval-vf and welcome to the community!

I hope you like it here :muscle:

As you mentioned, it is not possible to do this via API.

I personally have no experience with Chromium but let’s hope someone in the community does!