Creating Custom Triggers for group creation

There are many pre-built triggers available but there were no triggers when a group is created.
Can anyone please help on how exactly do I integrate custom triggers and webhooks. Is there some example or earlier work I can follow?

hi @anmolcool007

Welcome to the community. I do have extensive experience using custom triggers / actions and webhooks and happy to help you with this.

Now for the bad news :frowning:: I don’t think you can achieve what you describe here. As I understand you want to tell to POST when a new group is created. Unfortunatly there is no such webhook you can configure (not through builtin automations, nor through the API (even when using custom triggers). The webhook types available (through the API) are:

  • When a new update is posted - create_update
  • When any column changes - change_column_value
  • When an item is created - create_item
  • When a column changes - change_specific_column_value *

No webhooks available (yet?) for newly created groups or boards :frowning:

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Hey @anmolcool007 – as Bas mentioned, we don’t have webhooks that trigger on group creation.

That said, groups are accessible via the API and you can make a query to poll a specific board to check if any new groups have been created.

I’d recommend a lightweight query that doesn’t retrieve too much data, so you can poll often without using up your complexity allowance.
Here’s an example with a complexity of 1020:

query {
  complexity {
  boards (ids:162169280) {
    groups {
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