Creating Folders For Workspace API

Need to Duplicate my workspace for each of my clients. I have to many boards for the “save as template” feature (due to lack of functionality for the sales CRM) So i created an app. Very easy process, saves all my boards, amazing, adds all of them on any workspace. However, it chooses to ignore the folders. So every time i apply this workspace app api I would have to sort out a total of 20+ boards in folders??? With the amount we are growing, this operational drag would be lengthy enough for us to use a competitor that does not need its users to create apps to duplicate a Workspace. This sounds very passive aggressive, becasue it is, the support making me go around in circles and the lack of functionality for a so called Sales CRM. I still have hope that could turn this around for me. but pretty cringe that it had to turn into this. Please help.

PS : from what i read in this community, it is not possible, If that is still the case. Please answer with any solutions, no matter what the solution is.

Hello there @Aurelien,

You can use your workspace template with the folders if you add it as a new workspace.

When you click on “Add” and then on “Choose from templates”, if you click on the arrow pointing down right next to “Use template”, and then click on “New workspace”, a new workspace will be created with the folders there.

That is the only way to keep your folders structure.

I hope that helps!


thanks Matias! you rock

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Happy to help @Aurelien !

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