Creating Items using the new items_page

Hey there, hope all is well! Am a little new to Monday Dev and GraphQL!

I’ve looked at the new docs regarding the new items_page api. However, I did not see anything about Creating or Mutating an Item using this new API. Am I missing something? How do we go about creating/mutating an item using the items_page?

I did see under Items “If you’re getting items… use items_page”, I’m guessing items_page is only for retrieving info since it says “getting”?

Here’s a link of docs I’ve read over


Hi Paul,

Welcome to the community! Hope you are enjoying it here!

As you mentioned, items_page is used to retrieve items. The behavior to create items is not changing. Within the Items documentation, you will use create_item, as linked to the section here.

Hope this helps and happy developing!


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Great! Thank you for your response.


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Hello there @paul1204,

I am glad @joseph.monday’s answer was what you needed :grin:

Let us know if you need anything else!


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