Creating new board from Status change

New to Monday here. I am able to create a new board when an Item Status (Status1) changes, BUT I would like the automation to also consider another item attribute (say, Status2). This would allow me to create a new board from a particular Board Template that is determined by Status2. I hope I’ve explained OK what I’m trying to do. I can’t seem to create a custom automation that creates a new board, just the pre-made automation that uses one Status. Am I missing something?

Hello! I have the exact same query here. In the custom automation creation workflow there appears to be no way to create a new board. Therefore you have to use the stock recipe only in order to create a new board. Surely this cannot be the case!


Same here, with my companies workflow I need access to create a new board with custom automations so I can add other items to it. I would think this is a key Automation feature.