Creating Shopify Fulfillment with Integromat based on Column Value in Monday

We are trying to automate, through Integromat, the creation and completion of a Shopify fulfillment, triggered when a shipping code is applied to specific items in our Monday board. When we apply a filter of “Shipping Code Exists”, the fulfillment will go through, but it sends the fulfillment e-mail to all orders, regardless of fulfillment status, with the shipping info of the target order. Please advise on how to go about this issue.
@JCorrell @CLGPatrick


More than happy to lend a hand. I’ll DM you.


Hey @JoeyHaverty , Michaela from Integromat here, nice to meet you :blush:

Would you mind sharing a few screenshots of the scenario? It would be most helpful so that we can assist as much as we can :slightly_smiling_face:

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