Creator/Update Person for automation updates should not be the automation creator

Having creation and updates track to an automation creator is misleading and confusing. I think at minimum these updates should be attributed to an automation (like default column assignments are), and even better would provide both that the update was made by an automation and who the automation was triggered by.

I agree with this 100%.

Additionally speaking when building our app we ran into some serious issues with this as well. If the automation was treated as a default user with API token ETC this would greatly help my team.

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One thing that we’ve done in the past is create an admin user / board owner account for creating automations. We named ours “AJ Bot” after our company’s mascot and uploaded a profile image for the account as well. AJ Bot then displays as the user so we can quickly see it’s an automated action (and no regular user gets spammed with notifications, win/win). AJ Bot is also part of our JIRA integration in Zapier so any actions in that system that are automated show up as that account, not a regular user.

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