CRM: Change Activity Item Content

Hi, can someone tell me how to change what information shows up on the Activity created on the CRM Board?

Currently I have Contacts and Accounts set up. When I create a Contact (e.g. Joe Bloggs) they are linked to the corresponding Account (e.g. Company & Co). There can be multiple Contacts set up linked to one Account.

When I add an Meeting Activity against Joe Bloggs the Activity then only states “Joe Bloggs - Meeting”.

How can I get this to state "Joe Bloggs (Company & Co) - Meeting?

The reason for this is the app cannot search on mirror columns. I have both the Contacts and Account columns mirrored in the Activity board but you can only search based on these in the PC version. On the Mobile App l would like to search by “Company & Co”.

Hey Stacey,

Just to confirm, this is only occurring when you’re attempting to customise an activity in your mobile app? Can you share a screenshot of where you’re trying to edit the item content? I want to make sure I am understanding so I can check internally :pray: