CRM development with limitations

Hi guys!

We develop a series of boards following these parameters:

• Monday Pro version.
• Free integrations only.
• CRM with 10 salespeople for each of the three managers and one director.
• Contact, clients and corporations boards.
• Salespeople cannot see boards between them; they capture all the information. Additionally, support specific people can modify the information on the salesperson’s boards.
• Managers can view and modify their salespeople’s boards, but cannot see other manager’s boards.
• The director must the operations and obtain reports (dashboards and views).
• The operational flow should be reasonably fast.

What we developed was:

  1. Contact, clients and corporation boards with connected and mirror columns for data integrity.
  2. One specific board for each salesperson, that automatically creates an item in the manager board connecting them, mirroring all manager’s board columns in the salesperson board, setting the salesperson as an assignee and stabilizing the permissions of the manager’s board using the people’s column for edit only.
  3. We created a Dashboard for the director that includes all three managers’ boards.

We are not sure if this is the correct or only way to solve this, in any of you have other ideas or any alternative solution to implement this, taking into account the limitations, please let us know.


@jorge.apud sounds like you put together a pretty sophisticated setup given those parameters. It can be tricky to create the right board hierarchies in but your description sounds pretty reasonable!

if you are looking for any feedback, I would be curious if there are any issues or limitations this setup has caused your team, before providing additional input.


Hi Tim!
Thanks for replying.
The issue is that we are not sure if there are other simplified setups we can build because of the limitations we have, or perhaps we are overcomplicating things, that is the reason we are posting this, to get feedback from people that have more experience than we do.

The salespersons boards can be private but the managers boards must be public, even if we put them in another workspace we could not figure a way around that.

It sounds like you put together quite the CRM machine!

I think the most important question to answer is: how do you think it’s working for you and your team so far?

Some other questions to ask yourselves: have you run into any issues so far? Is there a lot of maintainable/upkeep? Do your salespeople and managers have any trouble understanding how to use this system?

I also have put together a pretty complicated CRM that connects Suppliers, Customers, Salespeople, Delivery Teams, Claims Teams, and Management. If you want to compare then let me know and we can get on a call, but best of luck either way!