CRM upgrade: enable mirror column photo-file as Card-Cover in the Cards view

Dear Monday Community,

We are using Monday as our CRM and we enjoy it :grin:

When working on activities I like to see the people I need to connect to to have an emotional trigger and a good way to do this is with the Cards view.

  • Action Board and Contacts board exist
  • In Action Board, each item is an action linked to a specific contact.
  • In Action Board, Contacts board columns are mirrored
  • Action board has a Cards view.
  • The action Card should have the contact photo as Card cover (emotionally triggering the sales person when checking actions related to contacts)

Unfortunately as of today only “person” column and local board “File” column can be used as Card Cover.


Note: as a workaround today we have a local file column in the Action board where we re-upload the contact photo again for every single new action (manual and tedious). This is what you see in the snapshot.

The request is to have mirrored “File” columns as an option to be used as Card covers for card views.

If anyone has any suggestion on how to improve the action creation process and have contact photos on action cards we are happy to hearing from you.

Many Thanks!


We are using this view for our customers to consolidate their images into one place. However, if we put images in the sub-items and create a parent summary for that file column it doesn’t recognize it because it’s a mirror column at that point.

I agree with Milos that being able to use a mirrored column for the Card Cover in the Cards view would be a game changer.