CRM weekly sessions

Do you know about our biweekly Sales CRM community sessions?

Since we saw a lot of great questions from our community about different features and use cases of monday sales CRM, we decided to launch biweekly online sessions all about the different features of monday sales CRM.

How do our community monday sales CRM sessions work?
Every other week Sasha or Dana will host community sale CRM community sessions. In these sessions, we will deep dive into new topics, uncover use cases, and unpack features - all shaped by your questions and interests. Some possible topics include: pipeline view, mass emailing, real estate CRMs and more! Don’t miss out on the chance to enhance your CRM skills with these focused, interactive sessions with @danaaviv and @sashawe.

Do you have a session, feature or use case you want to learn more about? Share it with us below for an upcoming session!

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