Cross-Boards Automation

Hi Guys,
I entirely new on Monday, and currently, I’m working on building automation to make processes efficient.

  1. I have a Global board called “Customer Config” - I want that board to consume the information from boards within different workspaces, via automation NOT manually.
  2. I have workspaces which within them I have the “Customer Config” board per project –> “<CUSTOMER_NAME> Customer Config”.
  3. The difference between the Global board and what is being created per customer is that the columns on the “Customer Config” are rows “<CUSTOMER_NAME> Customer Config”.

So basically, I have many boards within varied workspaces, and I want the automation to do the following:

  • Whenever a new “<CUSTOMER_NAME> Customer Config” --> a new raw to be added on the Global board.
  • Whenever status change within one of the various “<CUSTOMER_NAME> Customer Config” to modify the associated project on the Global board.

Hi @gavriel.zarka

Welcome to the community. I understand you are using one (1) master board and many detail boards. Out of the box you will not be able to do what you want. The first bullet is not too hard (although you need to reverse it). “When new item is added created new board”.

The second one is much harder. Does your master board has all the items of all the master boards?
Or are you trying to do kind of reporting and consolidate a complete detail board into one (1) row in the master board. If this is the case I have solution for you. I created an app. This app is configured in the master board and uses a column with an identifier (eg PR-001). It than searches for a detailed board with [PR-001] in its board name. When an status changes in one of the detail boards the master boards will be updated (single item) with e.g. the percentage of “Done” in that detailed board.

If you can let me know the exact requirement I can have a look to implement this in my app.

Hi @basdebruin,
Thanks for the fast responding.
Here is an example of a master board and a detail board.
|Issue key|Name|Version|Platform|

Detail board:
|Issue key|1234|

The desired goal is that in every change within the “detail board” to modify the relevant cell in the associated raw on the “master board”.
Prior condition, is that once a new project created (webhook request):

  1. Will create a record with the primary key (a key that has for sure on both boards) in both boards (master, detail). Basically, that key should be the link for communication between the boards.
  2. Afterwards, for every change on the “detail board”, to modify the relevant cell on the “master board”
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Hi @gavriel.zarka

Understood. Does the master holds the information for just one detailed, or do you need the master to hold the information of multiple detail boards. In any case you would need to develop an app to get this done.

Thanks a lot.
I thought that what I would have to do eventually.