Cross-workspace tracking

Is there a way to create a “Master Board” that can track across boards within different workspaces? Does the VPM add on provide for this?

hi @rachel.baum

Welcome to the community. The app Rollup Multiple Boards (see marketplace) is workspace agnostic. Detail boards can live anywhere in your account.

Thanks for the help. I am not seeing how to connect other boards to the master board to which I added Rollup.

Hi @rachel.baum

The detailed instructions can be found here. You need to have a RMB enabled template and if your existing detail boards are derived from that template you can import them using one of the recipes.

When I try to use this integration, none of the templates I have created show up. I added [RMB] to the description. How to I ensure that the template is RMB enabled?

Following up on this. Thank you!

hi @rachel.baum

Not the best place for support, especially without mentioning :). If you have a normal template and enter [RMB] somewhere in its description it will popup in the templates. If you want me to check logfiles please let me know your monday accountUrl. You can mail to