Custom automation to create an item when update is posted with keyword


I’d like to set up an automation which creates a new item on a board when an update is posted in an item on another board, that post containing a specific keyword. I.E.:

When an update is posted and contains the keyword , create a new item on this board.

I find recipes for creating a notification on that trigger, but the custom automation workflow does not give me the building blocks I need to create an item instead.

Is this really not possible at the moment?
Is this something that will be possible shortly?


Not possible with base monday and probably not anytime soon.

We use keywords in updates to do things, including creating an item in another board.

Basically, I use this integration to call an Integromat scenario:

From there, using Integromat, it’s pretty easy to create a new item or set a status to trigger the creation.

If that is not a solution that you like, you might take a look at using a button column instead.